holy smokes
db. Preposterous control freak in Bucharest. Even a drunk with a flair for the dramatic can convince himself he’s God.

i just realized that i kind of stick around on this awful website to see what new stupid memes appear and wear off anD what kind of editing style y’all will come up with next

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Hannibal and Will + height difference requested by anonymous (sort of)

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I have read enough fanfiction to know where that is going

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Penny Dreadful (TV series)

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Lady Gaga  

Rodeo Magazine, 2011

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tv challenge: [3/5] new tv shows ➸ how to get away with murder

"everything after this moment will not only determine your career, but life."

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We’re property. Our bodies, our biology, everything we are, everything we become, belongs to them.

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Orphan Black  
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The Fall  

i wanna ruin our friendship;
we should be lovers instead.

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Dracula (tv)  
‘‘ I’ve lived most of my life with the firm conviction that romantic love is a delusion. It’s a futile hedge against the existential terror that is our own singularity. And, as such, I’m free to pursue a life of meaning.
—— Sherlock Holmes, Elementary. (via sixcoldfeetground)
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By: Justin Tyler Close

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likke li  


- You say you’re worried about her?
- I know the warning signs, believe me.

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