holy smokes
db. Preposterous control freak in Bucharest. Even a drunk with a flair for the dramatic can convince himself he’s God.

dexter/deb + happiness

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the X files  

'Doctor Who' screening held at the Odeon Leicester Square (8.23.14)

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Warm up. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of Hawkeye. I love a lot of things about the series but most of all I love Kate Bishop and I love Annie Wu.

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Kate Bishop  # fanart  


Make Me Chooseanonymous asked: Will/Abigail or Hannibal/Abigail

"I’ll keep your secret."
"And I’ll keep yours."

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Luther  # Alice Morgan  

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Twin Peaks  

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Jodie Foster with her Oscar for best actress at the 61st Academy Awards, March 29th, 1989.

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Jodie Foster  


Marie Antoinette

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To me, nothing is more important than making people happy, giving them a release from their problems and worries, helping to lighten their load. I want them to walk away from a performance I’ve done, saying, “That was great. I want to go back again. I had a great time.” To me, that’s what it’s all about. That’s wonderful.” 

-Michael Jackson (Happy Birthday!! 08/29/58)

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Romola Garai, photographed by Kristin Vicari for InStyle UK, November 2012.

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Romola Garai  


orphan black au where everything is the same except paul is played by natalie dormer

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pressure points

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and her hair was blood and flame.

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